Non-Cut and Sew, double sided Sublimation T-Shirts printed on American Expect 100% polyester T's.  Shirts may have smudges, blurs and creasing near edges, seams and collars of garment. These imperfections can occur particularly under the arm. I will consider a cut and sew process if these actually take off. For now, you pay what I pay to make and ship these shirts. Please use the order form, mention your size, shirt name, and email address. I'm only accepting PayPal and Venmo as of now.

Sizes: XS-XL $26 2XL-$27.50 USPS shipping ~$3.05 (NYC/LI area) Order Here

Non-Cut and Sew Crop Tops-Any of the T-shirt styles can be printed on crop tops. Use the order form above

Sizes: S-XL $24 + USPS shipping ~$3.05 (NYC/LI area) Order Here

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